Silicon Valley Trip

I arrived in San Jose, CA on Monday 1st September 2011 in the evening and will stay in Silicon Valley until the ApacheCon2011 in Vancouver on 7 November 2011. After ApacheCon, I will join back Belgium.

That's roughly 2,5 months far-away from my family. The goal for me is to get some fresh moods from the Silicon Valley and Apachers and meet software developers. I hope to meet people I already talked to on the mailing lists, but also discover new people I still don't know.

One of the first things I did is to buy a prepaid phone. I wanted an Android with physical keypad, which lead me to Virgin Mobile that was the only operator providing such a device at the nearest Radio Shack store. By the way, it is always so curious to me to have to buy the device and the SIM card together. But now, I have unlimited data, though a bit slow I find.

I have registered to a few meetups so far and I spend part of the day in a desk where startups are welcomed. This shows you a place where a startup probably lived...

The following picture shows you the book I read along the motel swimming pool. Good place under the sun, excellent book. The pool is my second desk.

So funny, my motel neighbor is a teacher at the San Jose university and has teached for 4 years in Brussels, Belgium. He loves Belgium, especially its beers and chocolates, but who doesn't? It's really a small world...

If you like to chat with me, you can find me on eric at or @echarles.

More images with and comments from my early discovery-days

Hair cut and facial massage near my Motel. I must try it! Typical beautiful house.

Nice Park Venue at San Jose.

Classical Motel breakfast.

The Caltrain starting from San Jose to San Francisco. Excellent service.

Nice Palo Alto station.

Evening horror show in San Jose. Believe me, they were really terrible.

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