Listening to all these MP3s, there was a long time I did'nt buy a real music CD.

I have bought the last Bruce Springsteen opus last week. It provided me some goodness that I decided to share it with You.

These are my impressions on this wonderful production, not as a "music critic/expert", but as a simple human listening to music.

  1. Outlaw Pete: Story about Cowboys and Indians, with loud atmosphere, begins this record.
  2. My Lucky Day: Much more happy song after the first track, where someone seems to be his/your real luck.
  3. Working on a Dream: This is how I'm currently feeling every day of my life. Working on a Dream is really the best job of the world!
  4. Queen of the Supermarket: Soft love song where social condition does not drive your lovings.
  5. What Love can Do: Here we go with an hymn to love: it can make you achieve everything.
  6. This Life: Day after day, life is going.
  7. Good Eye: A grassy rounded song. Feeling like being in a west-coast bar with good music band and a beer in front of me.
  8. Tomorrow never knows: The music played by the EStreet Band is simple and simply marvelous.
  9. Life Itself: A dark one, providing me dark images.
  10. Kingdom of Days: Here we go with some nostalgy.
  11. Surprise , Surprise: I wish someone will play this song at my birthday.
  12. The last Carnival: About circus?
  13. Bonus Track (The wrestler): Wonderful bonus being the original track song of same title picture.

Thanks again M. Bruce Springsteen to write and play all those wonderful songs. They should give me hope and faith.

You can get read more information about Bruce Springsteen on

I have selected for you two recent live videos ("Working on a Dream" from the last album and "The Rising" from 2002). Enjoy and keep on encouraging such artists.

Now I go back working on my dream.




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