Hello dear Visitor, this is Eric writing the first post on his blog. I wish you welcome to this brand new blog!

I'd like to share here with you some information about my personal and professional activities.

I am for now working on a software development called AOS Community within U-MANGATE (http://www.u-mangate.com).

U-MANGATE is the business I created in 2001 with the goal to build a viable activity to develop and market software easing the user interactions with the WEB.

Since there (8 years!), the road was long and U-MANGATE has been through numerous adventures and reorganizations. WEB2 is also arrived and huge online communities (Twitter, Facebook,...) have come to life.

Now, I am fully dedicated to AOS product development. I don't work for the time-being on any "consultancy" mission anymore.

It's been a long time I wanted to launch my own blog and share with you stuff.
Of course, I could have used any online service (Blogger, Tumblr...) to create this blog or install a existing product in the U-MANGATE infrastructure, but I preferred waiting on a publication system powered by AOS software (better use your product that other ones!).

Stay tuned on this blog to read more posts.
You can also follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/echarles) and spread the word.

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